Work Sharp 3000 Wood Tool Sharpener Review – Will It Really Sharpen All Wood Tools?

I own many tools, some of which need to be sharpened from time to time. With the Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener, they’re all in perfect working condition. All day every day.

I was tempted to write a review earlier, but I wanted to wait for a little while before giving my opinions. Eighteen months later, here I am. It’s been an amazing tool!

What I love about the Work Sharp 3000 Wood Sharpener

A tool is as good as its features. This one has many of them. It is an air-cooled sharpener. I can forget that nasty process of sharpening my tools using water stones.

Setting up this tool is easy. Remember, it is a bench sharpener. Meaning? You can sharpen your tools hands-free. This leaves both your hands to hold the tool that you are sharpening, ensuring extra safety.

There is also a heat sink which is coated in ceramic oxide.

Its purpose is to dispose of heat so that when you get your tool of the sharpener, it is cool enough to touch. At the same time, the ceramic oxide deburrs the tool edge leaving it neat and ready for use.

When I bought the Work Sharp 3000 WS wood tool sharpener, it came with two wheels made of tempered glass, which gave me four good surfaces for sharpening my tools. I have also used different 6-inch PSA discs with this tool without any trouble.

I love the see-through sharpening wheel; I can see my irregularly shaped tools as I sharpen them.

I find this sharpener quieter than most and the best thing about it is that there is no learning curve involved. It’s just the setting up part, though it did take me twenty minutes on my first go.

After that, I started sharpening my tools, and even as a beginner, I had my chisel set sharpened to perfection! The edges were so sharp- honestly, I was a little afraid to touch them.

With a manageable wheel speed of 580RPM, it is enough to sharpen your tools but at the same time, perfectly safe.

I love that this Work Sharp 3000 wood tool sharpener is sold with a 2-year warranty. This is an indication of the confidence that the manufacturers have in their product.


Ideally, I’d like the Work Sharp wood tool sharpener to come with a carry bag, but I guess they omitted it because it is a benchtop sharpener.

My verdict

If you love working with tools that need constant sharpening, you need a simple-to-use tool like the Work Sharp 3000 wood tool sharpener that you can just mount on the table, connect to a power source and start working.

I love that it maintains a constant speed, works at a quieter pace and really sharpens all the tools nicely, yes, even the irregularly shaped ones. You can view this product and more information about it on Amazon.

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