Bosch Rotary Hammer Drill Review – Is this A Great Tool for Home Improvement?

Before I got my hands on my Bosch rotary hammer drill, I had no idea about what it could do- except what I could find online. As my own handyman, one thing that I have learned over time is that no matter how many cordless power tools I have, there are jobs only a corded power tool can do.

That is why I have a variety of tools. When I tried drilling through a thick metal plate and my 18V drill almost died, I decided I needed something stronger, packing more torque and with a lot of mettle. Again, I landed on a Bosch machine and I have never regretted my choice.

The very first time I put this drill to task was when I used it to break some cemented piece in my backyard.

I used it to drill holes in the cement and when I put the sledgehammer to it, everything fell apart beautifully. With this, the drill earned my admiration.

The features I love in the Bosch 11255VSR rotary hammer drill

This rotary hammer drill comes with a powerful motor suited for lighter work which can produce between 0 to 1300RPM and 0 to 5800 BPM.

It is multi-functional and has selections to match- hammer-only mode for the heavier jobs, rotation-only and rotary hammer modes.

I just choose what I need and I’m good to start drilling. It’s also great to remove fasteners nice and easy, thanks to the speed reverse trigger. This feature also helps me drill accurately.

This drill is light, slightly less than 6 pounds. Drilling holes vertically never strains my arm. It comes with a handle for more stability; I can apply pressure easily.

I have a thing about finding the perfect working angle and this drill allows me to get just that. The VarioLock positioning system does the job of rotating and locking until it hits the sweet spot.

All in all, there are a total of 36 positions. Plenty to get by.

The BULLDOG Xtreme rotary hammer drill is capable of many things. I love that I can drill metal with it- it goes through ½ inch plates without me breaking a sweat.

Although recommended for lighter duties, the rotary hammer drill is able to drill 1-inch concrete.

Nevertheless, it is a small tool that is intended for contractors and home improvement enthusiasts.


The Bulldog Xtreme does have a con: working with it requires you to stay bent a lot when you are doing ground work.

My final thoughts

I would say I love this tool because of the balance, the power and the different applications. It packs quite some torque; perfect for many of the DIY home improvement tasks that you do not want to hire a handyman to do for you.

The perfect drill for drilling as well as small hammering jobs.

You can find more information about the Bosch Bulldog Xtreme rotary hammer drill on Amazon.

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