The Bosch 18v drill Review – Is It As Good As Bosch Claims?

Looking for a new power tool has always been a great adventure for me- I recently found myself in the market looking for a Bosch 18V drill. Oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed.

Bosch 18-volt Compact Tough drill Kit: I love its features

All Bosch power tools are great, and this one is superb. As it is a cordless drill, I can move around with it much more than I would with an otherwise restrictive electric drill with a cord.

Coming with 18 Volt lithium-ion batteries (slim pack), they can last for a long time without suffering from what experts call a memory effect, where a battery suffers damage from recharging before it is fully drained. Much better than ones like NiMH.

When you do drain one, just lope on the other one as the first one charges. Besides, the charging time is also reasonably fast.

This drill is tough. With 350 pounds of torque, this is what I need to punch through dry walls, concrete, wood and even metal without missing a beat. I don’t have to worry about it overheating- it does a perfect job all the time.

Like many Bosch drills, the 18V drill also comes with its own illumination. Never drill in the dark again.

For me it does not matter how powerful a drill is, it’s no good without a proper grip, and it’s exactly what the Bosch 18V drill has: a soft, rubberized grip to prevent slippage.

This drill is very powerful and yet small and compact. Handy to get in those tight spaces where bigger ones just won’t fit. With it, those pesky corners don’t bother me anymore.


Looking at this drill and my Bosch 12 V drill, I tend to think that the former looks too much like the latter. But it gets its job done, and in my book, that’s good enough.

My verdict

This drill packs a lot of power and great balance. With a top speed of 1300 RPM, I feel that at last, I have a tool that I can use for home repair.

You can read more information and get more pictures of this Bosch 18v drill from

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