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Bosch 12 Volt cordless drill Review – Is It Too Lightweight to Handle Demanding Jobs?

With my Bosch 12 Volt cordless drill, I can do many tasks around the house. These tasks would require most people to hire a handyman, but I prefer to save that money to buy tools. I love DIY – do-it-yourself – projects.

That is where my love for small tools comes from because there is always something to do at home.

Recently, I had some trouble looking for a cordless drill as my old one had broken down. That is when I found out just how hard it can be to find the right cordless drill.

I decided to write this review to help other people know how to buy the right tool when they need one.

Features of the Bosch 12 Volt cordless drill

I love that this drill is lightweight, and it makes it easy for me to reach the hard-to-reach areas since I can comfortably stretch my hand out.

I also find the drill easy to use when driving screws into my ceiling. This drill serves that purpose far better than the Bosch 18V drill– it’s much lighter.

Yet, despite its size, it is tough as nails when it comes to using it. For example, I find it easy to drill through sheet metal & aluminum. It is perfect for gutter work. When drilling into wood it cuts through it like a hot knife through butter!

The two speed settings available allow the user to adjust the speed to suit their needs.

I can even work poorly lit areas with this drill. It has LED lights for lighting up the workplace. Plus, LED lights save energy.

The ergonomic handle makes the user of this drill feel that this is a tool made specifically for them.

It is easy to hold onto for a long time, no discomfort at all. The anti-slip frips makes it so even when my hands are sweaty. An over-mold of rubber in the front and back of the handle makes the drill very hand-friendly indeed.

I love the solid, compact build of this drill. The motor housing is made out of aluminum. This whole drill is sturdy stuff, it can withstand a big fall without breaking apart. Honestly, it looks like one tough little fella with the signature blue, black and red exterior that Bosch is so well-known for.

The Bosch 12v cordless drill is very precise. It has the perfect balance in the hand, does not tip over at all and that enhances its accuracy.

It is sold with 2 lithium-ion batteries for a longer working duration.


It is hard to find a disadvantage with this Bosch 12v cordless drill. Put simply, it is pure efficiency.

My verdict

Considering the features and the benefits that I have enjoyed from this 12v cordless drill, it is a true workhorse. I would highly recommend it for a person looking for a light drill that is easy on the hand, very effective and has a long lasting battery life.

You can find more information about this drill on Amazon.

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